Create the home of your dreams inside and out with stone veneers. No matter what project you are tackling at your home or office, stone veneers are a great way to add another dimension to your project. You can create a sleek modern oasis or a rustic look.

At Quarry Stone, we carry both natural stone veneer and manufactured stone veneer. We have stone from all over the United States and some imported options as well. We have a large display of installed veneers and many samples to choose from. There is a stone veneer for every budget and every project.

Some of the brands we carry are:

  • Get Real Stone
  • Natural Stone Veneers International
  • La Pietra
  • Real Stone Veneers of Tennessee
  • Eldorado Stone
  • Dutch Quality Stone
  • Stone Craft
Stop in today for some inspiration for your next project.